Roman citizens

much like today peoples lives vary according to their wealth

6/8/20212 min read

Like in many other cultures, a person's social standing had a significant impact on many aspects of their quality of life.
Romans might lead vastly varied lives even though they lived in the same city at the same period.
Romans who were well off had a good life. They frequently resided on the hillsides outside of Rome, far from the city's odour and noise. They lived a lavish lifestyle with expensive furnishings and were surrounded by slaves and servants who catered to their every need. Many would host opulent dinner parties where they would serve their guests the most unusual foods available
however, the poorer Romans could only imagine such a life. They toiled in the city, living in dilapidated, unsafe homes that may collapse or catch fire.When things got tough, they may abandon young children on the streets in the hopes that someone else would take them in as a slave or servant. They were the Roman mob, who were weak in wealth but mighty in numbers. They relaxed in front of the popular entertainment of the day, such as chariot races between rival teams or gladiators slugging it out for fame, fortune, and their lives. Like modern television, a day spent at the Colosseum allowed you to forget about your dull existence and control your thoughts about assassinating the Caesar of that time.
Despite the differences in their lives, they did share certain similarities. In every Roman family, a man served as the head of the home. He had power over the home, even though his wife took care of it. Only he could be a landowner. He alone decided what would happen to his kids and who they would marry.
shared customs
All Romans adhered to various other customs. The main meal of the day, dinner, was observed by all Romans, regardless of their personal circumstances. They may have eaten extremely diverse foods, but they generally followed the same eating habits.
Romans of all social groups also made a point of going to the baths every day after work. They would socialise openly with their neighbours while exercising, washing, and conversing there. The baths gave the populace a sense of Roman superiority over the rest of the world.
woman holding fruit painting
woman holding fruit painting